10 Top Universities in The USA

Top universities in usa

1. Harvard University  {Global rank 1}

With a Global rank of 1 and a score of 100, Harvard University is located in Cambridge. Harvard also tops the list in Best Global Universities Rankings.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is also the second-ranked university worldwide. The institute is located in Cambridge. MIT has 5 schools.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] {Global rank 2}

3. Stanford University {Global rank 3}

Stanford University was founded in 1885. It is located in the Bay Area of California. It has been globally ranked third. It has 7 schools.

4. University of California Berkeley {Global rank 4}

University of California Berkeley is located in the Bay Area. University of California Berkeley is 4th best in the world.

5. University of Washington Seattle  {Global rank 6}

University of Washington Seattle is 6th best worldwide and 5th in the US.  it is located in Seattle with campuses in Bothell and Tacoma.

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Columbia University has 7th position globally by the rankers. It was founded in 1754. It is located in New York City.

6. Columbia University  {Global rank 7}

7. California Institute of Technology  {Global rank 9}

The California Institute of Technology well known as Caltech. It is the 7th best in the US According to the rankings. It was Founded in 1891.

8. Johns Hopkins University  {Global rank 10}

Johns Hopkins is a private University. It was founded in 1876. It has campuses located in North Baltimore, District of Columbia in the US. It has been globally ranked 10th.

9. Yale University {Global rank 11} 

Yale University is 11th in the world According to the rankings. It was founded in 1701. it is A private university located in New Haven, Connecticut.

10. University of California Los Angeles  {Global rank 14}

UCLA has globally ranked 14th. The university has 5 academic divisions. 

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