Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Simmons and Fletcher

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Simmons and Fletcher

1. Who are Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Simmons and Fletcher?


Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Simmons and Fletcher


Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Fletcher and Simmons have years of experience fighting against Accident victims, adjusters, investigators, and lawyers injured by truck accident lawyers.


Trucking companies ’ are on the payroll. Trucking companies ’ lawyers will fight on behalf of the company to reduce their liability for your Injuries.


You need an experienced trucking accident lawyer to fight back and protect your rights. Houston Truck Accident Lawyers Simmons and Fletcher fight trucking companies Nationwide.


Houston Truck Accident Lawyers Fletcher and Simmons to fight back and protect you from wrongful death, dog bites, offshore accidents, Wernicke Korsakoff, injury claims,s, etc.


Do not let these large corporations sweep the evidence and Negligence under the rug. In particular, the evidence that will prove your case.


You need a law firm with resources and experience to fight these corporations. simmons and Fletcher attorney p.C. Injury and Accident Lawyers Determine Today to Take Your Free Consultation with Houston Truck Accident Lawyers.



1.1. Why choose Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Simmons and Fletcher for your truck accident case?


Simmons & Fletcher’s law firm, P.C. has the experience you need to fight the defense team of the trucking industry.

Lawyers for Simmons and Fletcher handle semi-crash ranging from bad brake cases to reducing truck accidents.


Resulting in decapitation. Simmons and Fletcher’s attorneys are free of charge. And you do not pay any lawyer fees. Unless Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Simmons and Fletcher win your truck Accident case.


1.2. Do I need to hire a truck accident lawyer?

Yes. To ensure the defense of your rights, you are advised to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Today’s modern commercial trucks have an electronic data recorder.

Which keeps having valuable data stores about truck speed, movements, and trips. Valuable maintenance and repair records, travel inspection records, logs, and other data also remain in it.

For you who can provide important details and clues. Why did the accident happen? The sooner you hire your lawyer and his investigation team, the more likely it is.


That they are able to preserve this information before it is destroyed or destroyed. It is necessary for you to hire a skilled Houston Truck Accident Lawyer to stand on your own.


1.3. Do trucks crash big trucks every day after an accident?

Truck accidents in the United States resulted in 4,965 deaths in 2020 and 5,005 deaths in 2019 as reported by NHTSA.


Additionally, the American Trucking Association reported that trucking profits increased by about 100 billion from 2017 to 2018 to $ 796.7 billion.


And there are over 3.6 million heavy-duty trucks on the road competing for it. This much competition and so much money at stake adds to 18-wheeler accidents.

Who just waits to be an accident? Their profits will never cause you life-changing injuries.


1.4. How much does a Houston truck accident attorney cost?

If a recovery is made, the lawyer’s fee is 33.33% if no offense is required। If a lawsuit is filed, it is 40%. And if there is an appeal after a verdict, it takes 45%.


Simmons and Fletcher’s lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, including a free consultation. This means that you do not give anything out of pocket for your consultation.


If you decide to appoint Simmons and Fletcher’s team. So Fletcher and Simmons will put all expenses in front. These expenses and attorney’s fees stem from a settlement or decision.



1.5. Who is liable in a crash with a commercial motor vehicle?

Crashes at responsive parties can often include drivers, trucking companies, manufacturers, customers, and other drivers. Each case is different – 2 and should be analyzed based on their own set of facts.


Truck / Commercial Vehicle Driver- Other Driver is the first and most obvious possibility in any motor vehicle accident, whether it involves a passenger car or a large rig.


Trucking Company – The trucking company may be responsible for a commercial motor vehicle accident in several possible ways.


For example, if the truck driver is an employee of the company, the company may have a macabre liability. The company can only be responsible because of the driver who was responsible. He was working on behalf of that company.


The trucking company will also be responsible if it is inadequate training, poor policies, failure to follow the law, faulty maintenance of the vehicle, Or other negligence caused or contributed to the problem that caused the accident.


Vehicle Manufacturer – If there was a malfunction in the design or construction of the truck or it contributed to the accident, the manufacturer, seller, And anyone between them in the supply chain can be liable for the resulting damage.



1.6. How long do I have to sue after an 18-wheeler accident?

The extent of the law for filing a truck accident case varies from state to state. And the torture law of every state is different. Some states give as little as one year.


While others give two or three years. Thus, your truck accident law of borders will depend on which state you are allowed to sue.

When a truck accident occurs, you are allowed to file your case. It can be like this:-


  • In the case where the collision occurs,
  • In the state where the careless truck driver lives,
  • In the state where the trucking company is involved, or
  • In the state where the trucking company is domiciled — the place where it primarily does business.

Each of the above locations may have different statutes of boundaries. You can set the exact method of boundaries for any state here.



1.7. How long does a lawsuit run in Houston for an 18-wheeler accident case?

A lawsuit against a truck and/or trucking company originating from a commercial vehicle accident may take a few months. Or it can extend over several years depending on the factors. Which can be:-

  • the complexity of the case,
  • Degree of injuries included,
  • Number of possible parties, and;
  • The judge and the court assigned the case.


As complex as a case is, accident reconstruction specialists and medical specialists will be more likely to prove your case.


Thus, you need an experienced truck accident lawyer who is fighting to get you the compensation you are entitled to.



1.8. Who makes a settlement or decision in commercial vehicle accidents?

Typically, settlements and decisions from commercial vehicle accidents are paid by the insurance company to the commercial trucking company.


If a decision exceeds the policy limit of the insured, the trucking company may also have to take the rest of the tab. If you live in that low minimum state, you may have no choice but to pursue a trucking company to pay the claim.



1.8.1. What is the Location of Houston Truck Accident Lawyers Fletcher and Simmons?


Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. Injury & Accident Lawyers
9821 Katy Fwy #925
Houston, TX 77024

Phone:- (713) 322-7583

Phone:- (713) 935-1410

All attorneys are licensed by the State Bar of Texas.


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