Max Bupa Health Plus Plan Review 2022

 Max Bupa Health Plus Plan Review 2022

Max Bupa Health Plus Plan

Friends, In today’s time, any such incident can happen at any time, which becomes a matter of great concern for our family and our safety. There are many such diseases and emergencies during which you need a lot of money. In this post, We will learn about Max Bupa Health Plus Plan Review 2022.

You don’t have enough money for your treatment. You are separated from yourself due to not getting adequate treatment. Max Bupa has brought you a health plus plan, Which is very helpful for you and your family. This gives you enough support to overcome financial problems and spiritual incidents.

What is Max Bupa Health Plus Plan?

Max Bupa health plus protects your health from all expenses arising out of an emergency. This is the best health plus plan, which reduces the hassle and financial burden on you due to personal accidents and critical illnesses.

Talking about it, this plan is effective with all those smart features for which you want to protect yourself and which you can not force or do anything in it, such as an unforeseen medical or accidental event that can happen. You inflict immense damage and trouble.

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Benefits of Max Bupa Health Plus?

Max Bupa’s health plus plan offers the following expenses for the hospitalized patient.

  • Meals, nursing expenses, and room rent.
  • Banding, Nursing expenses, and AC rent.
  • Special doctor’s fees Surgeon, anesthetist, and medical practitioner facilities.
  • Free arrangement of operation theater and facilities for anesthesia, surgical instruments, pressurized, blood and oxygen

  •  Statues and other equipment-

This system includes prostheses and other devices that are implanted internally, like pacemakers, during the surgical procedure.

  •  Hospital voice fee facility.

 Under this, you get a cover of accommodation charges up to 2% of the sum insured by the hospital.

  •  The facility of hospital ICU fee-

Under this, the insurer can cover the ICU charges which are twice the room rent paid per day.

  • daycare treatment

It covers those medical treatments and procedures that require hospitalization. But not for more than that, it covers 24-hour day-care treatment charges, for example, cataracts, surgery, nose, and sinus cancer.

Chemotherapy, cancer radiotherapy, etc. Max Bupa covers all the expenses incurred on such treatment.

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Key Features of Max Bupa Health Plus Plan?

  • Hospital accommodation facilities

Under this, you can get the facility of capping without any room rent and coverage for all hospital accommodation except the above room category

  • Benefits before and after hospitalization-

Under this, you can get cover for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization up to the sum insured including the doctor in the hospital

  • Press Consultation Nida Inspection for you and the facility of spending on consumer goods-

All these expenses are done before 30 days.

  • Hospitalization is covered after 60 days of discharge-

This fee can be paid only when claimed as reimbursement.

  • domicile cover-

All those expenses can be covered if the insured does not get hospitalized in any case and gets his treatment done at his own home.

  • Organ donor expenses

Under this, harvesting the donated organ, the treatment of the organ donor, and medical expenses, can be covered.

Who can take Max Bupa Health Plus plan?

  1. This is an individual insurance plan. You must be an individual.
  2. Your age should be minimum of 18 years and a maximum of 60 years.
  3.  This insurance policy is for 1 year.
  4.  Any person can take this insurance policy.

What is the sum insured by Max Bupa Health Plus?

Under this plan, the sum insured can be from 75000 to ₹ 1000000.

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What are the documents required to get Max Bupa Health Plus plan?

To buy Max Bupa health plus policy, you must have the following mandatory documents-

  1. photo of policyholder
  2. Age Proof- This includes Birth Proof, Voter ID, PAN Card, Passport, Aadhar Card, etc.
  3. Identity Proof – Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Passport, Aadhar Card, etc.
  4. Income certificate-contains form16 Salary
  5. The slip should be proof of employment certificate etc.
  6. Address Proof- In this you should have any one of the Telephone Bill Electricity Bill Passport Bank Statement Voter ID etc.
  7. Medical examination of the insured is mandatory.

Why get the Max Bupa Health Plus plan?

  1. In Max Bupa health plus, the insured gets the necessary assistance for hospitalization expenses and spiritual events in case of a serious condition.
  2.  This helps you and your family in times of unforeseen events and calamities.
  3. In health plus, you get the option to cover many types of insurance such as room rent, food, nursing expenses, medical practice, surgeon, the doctor can cover specialist fees, etc.
  4. In this, you get the facility of emergency road ambulance,
  5.  Under this, you can get cover for the expenses incurred on getting treatment even while staying at your home.

How to get Max Bupa Health Plus plan?

  1. First of all, go to the official website of Max Bupa health.
  2. After that, you go to the application form for the Max Bupa health plus plan.
  3. Click on Apply Now.
  4. After that fill in the required details.
  5. After that choose your preferred payment option and pay the required fee online.
  6. After that fill in your name and mobile number.
  7. Then click on Buy Now.
  8. and complete the whole process. This is how you can take the Max Bupa Health Plus plan.
  9. Apart from this, you can also request a call back for more information.

How to claim in Max Bupa Health Plus plan?

You can avail of cashless treatment with 3500+ network hospitals of Bupa under the Max Bupa Health Plus plan.

 Under this, you have to do the following procedure.

  1. Get admitted to any one of Max Bupa’s network hospitals.
  2. Making a Reinvestment Claim- When you get admitted to any hospital, be it Max Bupa’s network hospital or a non-network hospital, you have to inform the insurer within 48 hours.
  3.  The amount spent by the insurer on hospital treatment is paid directly to the hospital.
  4. After being discharged from the hospital by the insured, it has to be ensured that he has all the relevant documents, including driving, medical reports, and discharge documents.
  5. You must have the certificate in which the original copy of all the mentioned documents should be required for the process of reimbursement of the insurer.
  6. Thereafter all the documents which are to be sent to the insurer should be filled and the claim form should be signed.
  7.  Along with that you also have to submit valid ID proof, and an income certificate.
  8. Send all these documents to the insurer.
  9. Thereafter the insurer will review your claim request and the claim made by you is reimbursed as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

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